Perfectly Imperfect

When you buy something that has been made by a machine you will get what would be considered the McDonalds of merchandise. I say McDonalds NOT to be negative but from personal experience, you can expect that a Big Mac from a McDonalds in, say, Los Angeles will be the same as the Big Mac in the Big Apple…and nearly everywhere in the world.

When you buy something hand made however, you will get a beautifully made item that I would say is “perfectly imperfect”. Every item made by hand even if cut identically, will come together ever so slightly different.

There isn’t anything wrong with this. Hand made means exactly that. When I make a headcover, my hands have been all over that product…working it as carefully as I can thru every part of the cutting and stitching phases. I work hard to manipulate every piece thru the sewing machines to create “perfection” but that doesn’t always happen..there is no perfection in handmade. There is just time, energy, sweat and occasionally a foul word when things may not come together as I want it. These become “practice” or “scrap” and occupy the clubs in the garage. Other times I marvel at how lovely it presents itself at the end.

When you purchase a Geau Golf headcover it will be fully handmade to the best ability I can do. It is not sewn by a robot. My fingerprints will be all over it from start to finish.