March Mallet Madness

When Geau Golf launched and I received inquiries about custom headcovers, the question that was most often asked was ” do you make mallet headcovers?” The answer for the first few months was always “No”. I had tried and failed to make a sturdy stiffer headcover and all I managed to accomplish was a broken sewing machine and a multitude of broken needles. I decided to change the focus to a softer yet just as protective malleable mallet headcover. I am glad to say that I have finally made a mallet headcover for both the rounded and squared end mallets.

I had been challenged to add to the Geau Golf collection but I wanted it to be both functional and beautiful. I hope I have accomplished this. Previous to this I had made prototypes and sent them to some customers to critique and offer suggestions. I tried magnet closures but they did not stay sufficiently closed so I choose and will continue to use a heavy duty velcro type closure.

Should be fun to see how these move!