Whats new in 2023?

Its a bit late but Happy New Year from Geau Golf!   I want  to thank everyone who supported Geau Golf in 2022 and I hope that you might find more golf clubs that need covers or that something special you might want made in 2023.  Over the holidays I put over 200 items on Ebay for everyone to look at and shop.  Its just easier than listing them here to be honest.  Fewer steps, just easier to manage, I suppose.  The newest thing to land at Geau Golf is a branded logo!  Was long in the making but finally decided on this:

Who would think that something so simple would take so long to be “discovered”?  My new logo will be incorporated into my tags when the ones I have on hand have been exhausted.

For now I am still taking custom orders but I spend time away from home during the winter and cannot take work with me.  When I get home I’ll work feverishly to complete projects.

Happy New Year all!



Geau Golf for Christmas Shopping!

Its Pendleton Mania on Geau Golf.  I just listed 27 new headcovers made from genuine Pendleton Wool.  All are made from mid to heavy weight blanket material and designed to last.  All are well padded and have elastic to hold that golf head secure!.  Visit Ebay to see the list!  DM me directly to get NON EBAY pricing.  Ill always knock something off when I sell directly!

Happy Shopping




For those of you who follow me on facebook and IG,  please note that my Instagram page known as GEAUGOLFLLC has been hacked by some dirtbag and that I cannot access it anymore because IG refuses to accept my proof of identity despite a multitude of verifiable proof~

I gave up and created a new page.  GEAUGOLF.  Please find and follow me there.

And my humblest apologies if anyone received any posts regarding BITCOIN.  I have no bitcoin nor do I sell or mine bitcoin.    I make headcovers for golf clubs and play golf. Thats it. 🙂

How do I buy??

As often with a one person small business, keeping up with construction  can be a challenge! Every headcover is handmade. No two are exactly the same (even if I try!)   Lately, I have been inundated with much appreciated custom work. Nevertheless I do try to make some “general” merchandise.  While there are a few listed here, my best exposure has been on EBay.

If you are looking to “shop” for Geau Golf headcovers I would make the trek over there and search for Geau Golf. Every headcover has that in its title.

I only have a few for sale here on the website, for reasons of convenience, at this point Ebay is just easier

I thank you for your patronage!

Some recent custom work!

Im rather delinquent in posting photos on my own webpage of my recent custom work. To that end, Im going to post of my most recent handiwork from scratch, repurposed personal items, leather, and wool!

Where do I find Geau Golf headcovers?

One of the most common questions I get from people when I meet them and they find out that I sew custom headcovers, is ” where on the web can I see them? ”    I wish I was a tech wizard and had the time to have a class A number 1 website but pretty much everything you see has been built by yours truly.  I sew better than I make a webpage.  To that end, the best place to find Geau Golf headcovers general merchandise for sale: check on Ebay.  Everything I have for general sale is there.  When I have time I put some on my own site.

Instagram has photos of nearly everything I have ever made, so if you’re looking for inspiration and want to have your own cover custom made, there is lots of examples to look at.  If you have an idea and want to reach me, you can email me thru the contact page, or message me on Facebook messenger.

I do thank each and every one of you who has reached out to me and had me make covers for their clubs  Its a thrill to take an idea and bring it to fruition!


Happy Halloween!


Frequently Asked Questions

In recent days,  Ive been fielding a lot of the same questions.  Im grateful to be able to answer these as it means there are people interested in what Geau Golf is and does. To that end we begin:

  1.  What is GEAU Golf and what’s up with the “GEAU”?   Fair enough.  GEAU is the last part of my name Sauvageau, and while its pronounced “joe”,  the company is pronounced “go golf”
  2. What does Geau Golf make?  We make Golf accessories soft goods.  Headcovers, valuables bags, zipper bags, stuff like that.  Everything is hand made here in Oregon.  There is no production line and nothing is made outside of Oregon or the USA.  Our products consist of 4 main areas:  Headcovers for general generic sale to the public,  custom one off covers made from new materials made to order and specification,  Upcycled headcovers for the general public made from up cycled items such as retired camouflage from uniforms, denim jeans Tommy Bahama embroidery etc, and lastly Custom up cycled headcovers made from someones personal belongings and converted specifically for that person. We also do custom embroidery and monogramming for extra charge
  3. Where do you get your supplies? A lot of the materials we get we find in creative locations such as Etsy, eBay, and the like.  New and vintage wools,  Pendleton fabric from the mill. etc.
  4. What kind of materials do you use? The bulk of the headcovers that Geau Golf makes are from one of  four materials:  Wool, Leather,  waterproof ( think Cordura) nylons, and waxed canvas. These items are durable and popular.  Occasionally we will use other materials as when we make the Tommy Bahama repurposed shirts. Those are silk. Definitely used in the dry summer months.
  5. What is the cost?  The cost to have a custom cover made will vary according to the request.  There is a lot of hand work involved in making a head cover.  There is no production line at Geau Golf, as each cover is hand crafted from start to finish.  There are no robots  or mass production.  Each cover has my DNA all over it. Most generic ( non custom) drivers and fairway woods will start out in the general 60-70 dollar range and go up from there. A fully customized multi embroidered headcover can ( and has) topped out at $200 or so.   I will always give you a pretty good estimate when you ask for one to be made.
  6. How long does it take to make one for me? As I say to every customer to asks me this:  it depends on the complexity of the project.  A simple build with no embroidery or fancy embellishments, can be ready in a short of time as a week,  and very complicated headcovers can be 4-6 weeks.
  7. Can I get a special embroidery item?  Yes, your company logo, a special insignia,  or animal image  can certainly be embroidered on to a headcover.  If it requires digitization, then it will be farmed out to someone who specializes in that, as that is an art form in and of itself.   I can also purchase and attach pre made patches, patches that a customer already has and wants incorporated into a cover or bag. I cannot do licensed material unless its in a purchased patch form.
  8. What are some of the things you have repurposed?  In the last few months I have repurposed and converted: military uniforms, Tee shirts, sports jerseys, football pants, Golf Flags collected by the owner, backpacks. Stuff like that. I even did a Winter X games Gold medal jersey.
  9. How did you get started doing this?  In the summer of 2018, I had a summer “staycation” and had some time on my hands. My own driver headcover was falling apart and went shopping for some locally made covers from a well known company.  After finding one I liked and being surprised at the $100 price tag, I thought perhaps I could make this myself, being proficient with a sewing machine. After successfully making one, I completed my own set.  Some friends wanted some as well and to be honest, it just sort of snowballed from there.  I threw a few on to Ebay just to see if they sold and to my surprise they did.
  10. How can I see some of your work? Pretty simple, I have a  Facebook page and presence on Instagram.  Thats where you see the most current work as it is completed.  There are also pieces on eBay and more added when I have time to make them.
  11. Can you make 10, 20, 100?  Well, that becomes difficult to answer.  There are no two items that are completely identical.  I can and have made 10  of the “same” putter cover  but if you need 100 covers for a large event, I probably cant fulfill that order.  Have to be realistic.  One might call my company “boutique” or “one off”.  Its not likely you’ll see a pile of the same headcover in any one spot.
  12. How do I place an order:  In one of several ways:  You can message me through facebook, and instagram,  and you can email me thru the contact feature of this website.  I do accept texts once an established relationship is set but for obvious reasons, I dont leave my phone here .
  13. I’m an influencer, may I showcase and promote your covers?  You want a free one. NO.
  14. Why should I pick you over any one else?  There are a lot of great headcover companies out there,  and I am one of them.  Im not going to trash or put down any of my competitors,  my niche seems to be in the creation of a headcover for someone who is looking for some very special personalization or repurposing of some item of some sentimental significance. Those types of businesses are somewhat hard to find.

I hope that some of your questions about Geau Golf have been answered. If you have a more specific inquiry please do so on our contact form!


The Newest offerings!

Im not very good at updating my site with newest offerings and ideas.  Most of my photos are on instagram and facebook.  Thats not to say that I havent been busy making new things! Ive been adding more and more orders for custom covers, drawstring bags and zipper bags.   There never seems to be enough hours in the day and for that I am grateful, grateful that people have found Geau Golf without so much as $1 in advertising and grateful that the customers who have given me a chance have been happy with their purchases, both on Ebay and the ones I custom made.

Check out the gallery page today and look at the most recent uploads!  There are a LOT!



Plenty O’Plaid

One of my favorite materials to sew with is wool, wool plaid specifically!  There’s no end to the varieties and color palates that plaid provides and one would be hard pressed to seek out a plaid and not find at least ONE that appeals to your eye!

Below is a photo montage of the plaids that I have in my immediate collection. Every time I see a deal on quality wool plaid, I get some because I like to sew small batches of beautiful headcovers that, in all likelihood, won’t be found on another golf bag any time soon.

That being said, the selection below is just  a fraction of what I have available at my disposal.  If you have a family ( Clan) plaid that you dream  about, message me with the name and I can turn that dream into a reality!

Find us on Facebook, Ebay and Instagram!