A question of cost…

I would guess that the first question I am asked thru messaging about custom covers is ” what is this going to cost?”. Not an unreasonable question to be sure. I have struggled from day one with that question. What is this product worth? The value of the materials is easy to determine. What my labor and “talent” is worth isn’t always easy to determine.

Each headcover is different. Some require plaids and stripes to be carefully laid out and matched. If they don’t match up as closely as possible that’s a sign of sloppy or careless work in my opinion. My first sewing teacher taught me that attention to detail may not be obvious to the untrained eye but your work won’t always been seen by the untrained eye….do your best work.

Ive given a lot of headcovers away as I have learned my trade. Ive taken feedback from many people to get their best ideas and criticisms. Ive been open to hearing what works and what doesn’t. Their feedback is payment enough. Eventually however, money is involved.

A well made driver and fairway woods from wool and leather will command around 50-70 dollars. If you add embroidery or monograming that will drive the cost up. A complicated embroidery for a one-off headcover can take 2 hours or more to stitch.

A basic blade putter with velcro closure go for somewhere between $35 and up depending on the materials and embellishments. Its all about the time .

Some pieces can go together in 15-20 minutes. Other take much longer. If a pattern has a lot to match or a lot of extra stitching ( like when I made the high school headcovers) they make take an hour or more for each one. I made a patchwork driver for a person out of several sports jerseys. That one cover took 2-3 hours of continuous work. I made a bogey on the deal I made there LOL. It was gorgeous tho!

A true one of a kind!


🙂 No matter what you pay, Geau Golf will make a beautiful product for you!