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Almost every day Geau Golf has a new headcover come from my hands. This most recent set below is from a very nice piece of Pendleton wool and it’s a blanket fabric transformed into a set of headcovers. It’s rich red and grey will stand out on anyone’s bag!

Reminds me of a lumberjack!
The barrel driver and fairway
Driver and fairway in my inverted U

Another fun set I made recently was from a find at the store!


Woof too!

These are an all fleece headcover made from a whimsical “I love dogs” design. I’m sure some dog lover will find these as fun as I do!

All Geau Golf headcovers are best described as “boutique” or “one off” . Very small batches made with materials that will often not be found again.

Oh yea.. there will be materials that I can get more of… but I look for the uncommon find… that piece of wool or leather that might not ever be seen again and create a modern piece that will grace a golf bag.

Purple power!

Take for instance this purple set… simply beautiful vintage wool that I care across.. I only could get a yard +\- so what is here is about all it could make. It has such vibrant colors. A lover of purple will enjoy these!

If you are interested in any of these pieces contact us !

Most drivers run between $50-60, fairway woods and rescue $40-50, and putters $35 and up.

Geau Golf!

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