Materials.. What I use

When choosing a Headcovers, what I make it out of is partly for form and partly for function. Sometimes form trumps function and other times function wins out. Most of the time I manage a little of both in my designs.

Waxed Canvas headcovers in a muted plaid.

Take for example the ones above. This pair is a driver and fairway wood in a muted plaid cotton WAXED canvas. Its a very traditional fabric but highly functional in wet weather because the waxed canvas is very water resistant. I hesitate to say waterproof because I’ve played in the worst weather imaginable in “waterproof” clothing and still got wet…so there. Nevertheless, this material is great for highly water resistant headcovers especially in the winter/rainy months.

Leather Hybrids

The two above are leather ( cow to be exact) Leather can be in all sorts of colors and textures…from the basic pebble pattern above to alligator stamped and very smooth glove like texture. They are durable and stylish and I can make all sorts of designs on them as well as embroidery. They are decent in the rain but they will eventually get wet. I like leather but to be honest, I prefer my leather in the sunshine.

Cordura Nylon driver covers.

Cordura nylon ( or any other competitor to Cordura) is a highly durable water”proof” woven material that makes great headcovers for questionable weather conditions. It comes in a HUGE variety of colors and weights called “denier” the higher the number, the heavier it is. I usually use anywhere from 600-1000 denier weight nylon which is about the same weight as back pack and tent material. It seems to be most popular with the high school coaches that I have made headcovers for since I can make it in pretty much any team color imaginable.

Wool headcovers ( blanket weight)

Wool is the most popular over all Headcover material I use and sell. I purchase everything from plaids to solids to Pendleton Blanket pieces to make any number of types of headcovers. Wool is a great fabric for headcovers because its relatively fade resistant ( not fade proof) , has a great assortment of colors and patterns for any preference and sews beautifully. I love wool. I even have a cashmere plaid piece I havent sewn yet. Wool will bead water for a short time but it will get wet but will hang dry eventually. I wouldn’t necessarily use it as my go-to head cover in january.

Cotton Serape

Cotton. Probably not much needs to be said about cotton. Soft and pliable but never water resistant unless its waxed. It will fade in the sun over time but it still makes a beautiful Headcover. its also very washable. You can spray “scotchguard” on it to help with the water.

Fleece Headcovers

Fleece headcovers are soft and puffy and what I would call ” novelty” . I found this “I love dog” pattern and had to make a set. Fleece is very washable and will protect a golf head nicely.

Overall, materials matter. I can mix and match materials to suit anybody’s desire. It has been been fun to see what I can create with the materials I can bring home.

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Thank you ! Geau Golf 🙂

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  1. What do you use for the lining? I’m considering having one made for my Scotty, with some artwork of my own. But I want the same type of lining that PRG uses. Do you happen to know what that is, or have something similar that you could recommend?

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