Why Geau Golf?

One might ask, why should I get a Geau Golf Headcover? I would ask Why not? Geau Golf covers are hand made, each one being meticulously assembled by hand. Each cover is unique, not mass produced. If you want a headcover that you will not ever see on anybody else bag, Geau Golf delivers. If you want a Headcover that can be personalized to match your own taste, Geau Golf delivers.

Geau Golf has headcovers for sale on Ebay, each also hand made. Most of the materials used are finds that are scarce and in small quantities, which means that once gone, they are gone.

Today’s work was some Pendleton Wool Blanket covers.

Grey White Pendleton Set


My favorite material to work with is the Pendleton Blanket wools followed by any mid weight wool. The Pendleton Native American blankets produce a design on both sides of the blanket and each headcover can be laid out in many different ways, producing a set like above! Each of them are cut from the same piece of blanket.

Having grown up in Montana, I have a special affinity for Glacier Park so when I got a piece of that wool I felt the need to make several, but kept one for myself ( one of the advantages of ownership I suppose…keep some inventory!)

If you have something that has special meaning to you, contact Geau Golf about having something created just for you!

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