Geau Golf Headcovers…off we go! Who “we” are..what “we” do..

In mid 2018 I was on vacation and pulled out my sewing machine and started sewing a head cover project for my golf bag. I had some wool I wanted to use up and decided to make a set of head covers for my golf bag. One begat two, which begat a set for my friends, which begat others calling me, which eventually begat Geau Golf.

It may sound impressive but at the moment Geau Golf is comprised entirely of me, myself and I…5 sewing machines and a small fortune worth of wool, nylon, fleece, cotton, leather, and various sewing supplies in my bonus room upstairs.

Eventually I decided to create an email and a facebook page just for my headcovers so that I had a medium to showcase what I am making and (hopefully) selling. Primarily I am using Ebay for selling them at the moment until I get a solid web presence.

I also do custom work for an additional fee. Most of the headcovers I make are from unique wool products….found on Ebay and estate sales. These are truly “one-offs” as once that wool is used up, you’ll likely never see it again! Some are Pendleton Blanket wool and their plaids that I purchase at their store, and these are more readily available to reproduce. I like the idea of “uniqueness” instead of “same-ness” . To me its like putting a signature on the top of your golf bag. ” This is MY own head cover and there aren’t any else exactly like it”

Each is hand cut, and assembled at my home. Every one is slightly different even if I cut several from the same piece of wool. They aren’t production made. All are “one at a time”. I care about each one…and if I am not satisfied with it, I am not selling it.

I have chosen Wool as my favorite material to work with but I have made waterproof nylon covers, cotton, and leather ones as well including some lovely wool inlaid custom headcovers for a couple of clients. Here are an example of some of my work.

Pendleton blanket set
Pendleton plaid set
leather and wool inlay Driver cover. Inverted U
More blanket designs
Waterproof set made for a high school team

I sew several designs depending on the type of fabric or leather I have and the preference of the customer. I have two driver designs…the barrel design and what I call the “inverted U”

The barrel is the straight up and down tube with a round top sewn in. Inside is a snug band of elastic to hold the cover securely. The U shape has 3 bands of elastic sewn on the back side of the head cover.

Every head cover is padded generously so the wood is protected. My putter covers come in 3 sizes. Blade, Midmallet, and Mallet. All are the Boot shape.

Blade putter Side.
Blade Putter Top

Every putter cover is sewn in this shape. the mid mallet is wider to accommodate the width of the mid mallet size and the mallet cover is wider still.

The full mallet is just a wider version of the above. Admittedly it will not fit the square type very well. That is a pattern I havent mastered yet. Each putter has a large heavy duty velcro closure.

Pricing is based on the cost of the fabric:

Drivers: Pendleton blanket Wool $50 other fabrics: $40 Fairway woods Pendleton Blanket $40 Other Fabrics $30 Rescue Pendleton Blanket $40 Other Fabrics $30 Putters Pendleton Blanket $35 Other Fabrics $30 Valuables Bags $30-40

Customization, monogramming will all add something to the price in the end.

Lastly I do leather pull valuables bags, from leather, fleece and wool. These fleece lined bags have a leather pull on each side and are large enough to hold a lot of your stuff including a phone up to iPhone 7+ (which is mine).

Valuables Bag in cordura nylon Camouflage.

You can find Geau Golf Headcovers on Facebook or email at

Geaugolf (at) gmail dot com. Spelled out to hopefully prevent a lot of spam. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about headcovers etc.