Whats new in 2023?

Its a bit late but Happy New Year from Geau Golf!   I want  to thank everyone who supported Geau Golf in 2022 and I hope that you might find more golf clubs that need covers or that something special you might want made in 2023.  Over the holidays I put over 200 items on Ebay for everyone to look at and shop.  Its just easier than listing them here to be honest.  Fewer steps, just easier to manage, I suppose.  The newest thing to land at Geau Golf is a branded logo!  Was long in the making but finally decided on this:

Who would think that something so simple would take so long to be “discovered”?  My new logo will be incorporated into my tags when the ones I have on hand have been exhausted.

For now I am still taking custom orders but I spend time away from home during the winter and cannot take work with me.  When I get home I’ll work feverishly to complete projects.

Happy New Year all!