A question of cost…

I would guess that the first question I am asked thru messaging about custom covers is ” what is this going to cost?”. Not an unreasonable question to be sure. I have struggled from day one with that question. What is this product worth? The value of the materials is easy to determine. What my labor and “talent” is worth isn’t always easy to determine.

Each headcover is different. Some require plaids and stripes to be carefully laid out and matched. If they don’t match up as closely as possible that’s a sign of sloppy or careless work in my opinion. My first sewing teacher taught me that attention to detail may not be obvious to the untrained eye but your work won’t always been seen by the untrained eye….do your best work.

Ive given a lot of headcovers away as I have learned my trade. Ive taken feedback from many people to get their best ideas and criticisms. Ive been open to hearing what works and what doesn’t. Their feedback is payment enough. Eventually however, money is involved.

A well made driver and fairway woods from wool and leather will command around 50-70 dollars. If you add embroidery or monograming that will drive the cost up. A complicated embroidery for a one-off headcover can take 2 hours or more to stitch.

A basic blade putter with velcro closure go for somewhere between $35 and up depending on the materials and embellishments. Its all about the time .

Some pieces can go together in 15-20 minutes. Other take much longer. If a pattern has a lot to match or a lot of extra stitching ( like when I made the high school headcovers) they make take an hour or more for each one. I made a patchwork driver for a person out of several sports jerseys. That one cover took 2-3 hours of continuous work. I made a bogey on the deal I made there LOL. It was gorgeous tho!

A true one of a kind!


🙂 No matter what you pay, Geau Golf will make a beautiful product for you!

Perfectly Imperfect

When you buy something that has been made by a machine you will get what would be considered the McDonalds of merchandise. I say McDonalds NOT to be negative but from personal experience, you can expect that a Big Mac from a McDonalds in, say, Los Angeles will be the same as the Big Mac in the Big Apple…and nearly everywhere in the world.

When you buy something hand made however, you will get a beautifully made item that I would say is “perfectly imperfect”. Every item made by hand even if cut identically, will come together ever so slightly different.

There isn’t anything wrong with this. Hand made means exactly that. When I make a headcover, my hands have been all over that product…working it as carefully as I can thru every part of the cutting and stitching phases. I work hard to manipulate every piece thru the sewing machines to create “perfection” but that doesn’t always happen..there is no perfection in handmade. There is just time, energy, sweat and occasionally a foul word when things may not come together as I want it. These become “practice” or “scrap” and occupy the clubs in the garage. Other times I marvel at how lovely it presents itself at the end.

When you purchase a Geau Golf headcover it will be fully handmade to the best ability I can do. It is not sewn by a robot. My fingerprints will be all over it from start to finish.

March Mallet Madness

When Geau Golf launched and I received inquiries about custom headcovers, the question that was most often asked was ” do you make mallet headcovers?” The answer for the first few months was always “No”. I had tried and failed to make a sturdy stiffer headcover and all I managed to accomplish was a broken sewing machine and a multitude of broken needles. I decided to change the focus to a softer yet just as protective malleable mallet headcover. I am glad to say that I have finally made a mallet headcover for both the rounded and squared end mallets.

I had been challenged to add to the Geau Golf collection but I wanted it to be both functional and beautiful. I hope I have accomplished this. Previous to this I had made prototypes and sent them to some customers to critique and offer suggestions. I tried magnet closures but they did not stay sufficiently closed so I choose and will continue to use a heavy duty velcro type closure.

Should be fun to see how these move!


Most recent creations!

One of the most enjoying parts of being Geau Golf is turning somebody’s idea into reality. Below is some recent custom creations simply based on a customers “vision” of what they want

He had a picture of a headcover that he liked and wanted reproduced. This was that end product

I also had some Pendleton wool and some white leather and made this driver. This is a personal favorite of mine as blue is on of my favorite colors.

Lastly I had with a very “blingy” vision. He said ” make this” and I did. He wanted to make a bold statement so I used the gold leather and lime green wool to create these one of a kind head covers for him.

What is your vision?

Custom work Available

Everyone has that special something that makes them unique or different and our golf bag is no different. We decorate our bags with bag tags and little hang toys. Nothing is more visible than the headcovers however. Having a Headcover that says something about its owner is fun, in my opinion. Geau Golf customizes headcovers from taking a piece of wool that you select from my inventory and have it customized, to actually having a headcover made from materials that you yourself may provide. Below are some headcovers made recently from a customers personal collection of sports team jerseys and shirts.

started out life as a rain shirt…repurposed as a headcover!

Contact Geau Golf if you have something special that you want reinvented as a one of a kind headcover for your golf bag!

Materials.. What I use

When choosing a Headcovers, what I make it out of is partly for form and partly for function. Sometimes form trumps function and other times function wins out. Most of the time I manage a little of both in my designs.

Waxed Canvas headcovers in a muted plaid.

Take for example the ones above. This pair is a driver and fairway wood in a muted plaid cotton WAXED canvas. Its a very traditional fabric but highly functional in wet weather because the waxed canvas is very water resistant. I hesitate to say waterproof because I’ve played in the worst weather imaginable in “waterproof” clothing and still got wet…so there. Nevertheless, this material is great for highly water resistant headcovers especially in the winter/rainy months.

Leather Hybrids

The two above are leather ( cow to be exact) Leather can be in all sorts of colors and textures…from the basic pebble pattern above to alligator stamped and very smooth glove like texture. They are durable and stylish and I can make all sorts of designs on them as well as embroidery. They are decent in the rain but they will eventually get wet. I like leather but to be honest, I prefer my leather in the sunshine.

Cordura Nylon driver covers.

Cordura nylon ( or any other competitor to Cordura) is a highly durable water”proof” woven material that makes great headcovers for questionable weather conditions. It comes in a HUGE variety of colors and weights called “denier” the higher the number, the heavier it is. I usually use anywhere from 600-1000 denier weight nylon which is about the same weight as back pack and tent material. It seems to be most popular with the high school coaches that I have made headcovers for since I can make it in pretty much any team color imaginable.

Wool headcovers ( blanket weight)

Wool is the most popular over all Headcover material I use and sell. I purchase everything from plaids to solids to Pendleton Blanket pieces to make any number of types of headcovers. Wool is a great fabric for headcovers because its relatively fade resistant ( not fade proof) , has a great assortment of colors and patterns for any preference and sews beautifully. I love wool. I even have a cashmere plaid piece I havent sewn yet. Wool will bead water for a short time but it will get wet but will hang dry eventually. I wouldn’t necessarily use it as my go-to head cover in january.

Cotton Serape

Cotton. Probably not much needs to be said about cotton. Soft and pliable but never water resistant unless its waxed. It will fade in the sun over time but it still makes a beautiful Headcover. its also very washable. You can spray “scotchguard” on it to help with the water.

Fleece Headcovers

Fleece headcovers are soft and puffy and what I would call ” novelty” . I found this “I love dog” pattern and had to make a set. Fleece is very washable and will protect a golf head nicely.

Overall, materials matter. I can mix and match materials to suit anybody’s desire. It has been been fun to see what I can create with the materials I can bring home.

see the newest designs as I make them on Facebook, Ebay or Shopify. Contact me directly to have something made uniquely for YOU!

Thank you ! Geau Golf 🙂

What’s new?

Almost every day Geau Golf has a new headcover come from my hands. This most recent set below is from a very nice piece of Pendleton wool and it’s a blanket fabric transformed into a set of headcovers. It’s rich red and grey will stand out on anyone’s bag!

Reminds me of a lumberjack!
The barrel driver and fairway
Driver and fairway in my inverted U

Another fun set I made recently was from a find at the store!


Woof too!

These are an all fleece headcover made from a whimsical “I love dogs” design. I’m sure some dog lover will find these as fun as I do!

All Geau Golf headcovers are best described as “boutique” or “one off” . Very small batches made with materials that will often not be found again.

Oh yea.. there will be materials that I can get more of… but I look for the uncommon find… that piece of wool or leather that might not ever be seen again and create a modern piece that will grace a golf bag.

Purple power!

Take for instance this purple set… simply beautiful vintage wool that I care across.. I only could get a yard +\- so what is here is about all it could make. It has such vibrant colors. A lover of purple will enjoy these!

If you are interested in any of these pieces contact us !

Most drivers run between $50-60, fairway woods and rescue $40-50, and putters $35 and up.

Geau Golf!

Why Geau Golf?

One might ask, why should I get a Geau Golf Headcover? I would ask Why not? Geau Golf covers are hand made, each one being meticulously assembled by hand. Each cover is unique, not mass produced. If you want a headcover that you will not ever see on anybody else bag, Geau Golf delivers. If you want a Headcover that can be personalized to match your own taste, Geau Golf delivers.

Geau Golf has headcovers for sale on Ebay, each also hand made. Most of the materials used are finds that are scarce and in small quantities, which means that once gone, they are gone.

Today’s work was some Pendleton Wool Blanket covers.

Grey White Pendleton Set


My favorite material to work with is the Pendleton Blanket wools followed by any mid weight wool. The Pendleton Native American blankets produce a design on both sides of the blanket and each headcover can be laid out in many different ways, producing a set like above! Each of them are cut from the same piece of blanket.

Having grown up in Montana, I have a special affinity for Glacier Park so when I got a piece of that wool I felt the need to make several, but kept one for myself ( one of the advantages of ownership I suppose…keep some inventory!)

If you have something that has special meaning to you, contact Geau Golf about having something created just for you!

Geau Golf Headcovers…off we go! Who “we” are..what “we” do..

In mid 2018 I was on vacation and pulled out my sewing machine and started sewing a head cover project for my golf bag. I had some wool I wanted to use up and decided to make a set of head covers for my golf bag. One begat two, which begat a set for my friends, which begat others calling me, which eventually begat Geau Golf.

It may sound impressive but at the moment Geau Golf is comprised entirely of me, myself and I…5 sewing machines and a small fortune worth of wool, nylon, fleece, cotton, leather, and various sewing supplies in my bonus room upstairs.

Eventually I decided to create an email and a facebook page just for my headcovers so that I had a medium to showcase what I am making and (hopefully) selling. Primarily I am using Ebay for selling them at the moment until I get a solid web presence.

I also do custom work for an additional fee. Most of the headcovers I make are from unique wool products….found on Ebay and estate sales. These are truly “one-offs” as once that wool is used up, you’ll likely never see it again! Some are Pendleton Blanket wool and their plaids that I purchase at their store, and these are more readily available to reproduce. I like the idea of “uniqueness” instead of “same-ness” . To me its like putting a signature on the top of your golf bag. ” This is MY own head cover and there aren’t any else exactly like it”

Each is hand cut, and assembled at my home. Every one is slightly different even if I cut several from the same piece of wool. They aren’t production made. All are “one at a time”. I care about each one…and if I am not satisfied with it, I am not selling it.

I have chosen Wool as my favorite material to work with but I have made waterproof nylon covers, cotton, and leather ones as well including some lovely wool inlaid custom headcovers for a couple of clients. Here are an example of some of my work.

Pendleton blanket set
Pendleton plaid set
leather and wool inlay Driver cover. Inverted U
More blanket designs
Waterproof set made for a high school team

I sew several designs depending on the type of fabric or leather I have and the preference of the customer. I have two driver designs…the barrel design and what I call the “inverted U”

The barrel is the straight up and down tube with a round top sewn in. Inside is a snug band of elastic to hold the cover securely. The U shape has 3 bands of elastic sewn on the back side of the head cover.

Every head cover is padded generously so the wood is protected. My putter covers come in 3 sizes. Blade, Midmallet, and Mallet. All are the Boot shape.

Blade putter Side.
Blade Putter Top

Every putter cover is sewn in this shape. the mid mallet is wider to accommodate the width of the mid mallet size and the mallet cover is wider still.

The full mallet is just a wider version of the above. Admittedly it will not fit the square type very well. That is a pattern I havent mastered yet. Each putter has a large heavy duty velcro closure.

Pricing is based on the cost of the fabric:

Drivers: Pendleton blanket Wool $50 other fabrics: $40 Fairway woods Pendleton Blanket $40 Other Fabrics $30 Rescue Pendleton Blanket $40 Other Fabrics $30 Putters Pendleton Blanket $35 Other Fabrics $30 Valuables Bags $30-40

Customization, monogramming will all add something to the price in the end.

Lastly I do leather pull valuables bags, from leather, fleece and wool. These fleece lined bags have a leather pull on each side and are large enough to hold a lot of your stuff including a phone up to iPhone 7+ (which is mine).

Valuables Bag in cordura nylon Camouflage.

You can find Geau Golf Headcovers on Facebook or email at

Geaugolf (at) gmail dot com. Spelled out to hopefully prevent a lot of spam. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about headcovers etc.